Current Guidelines

It is important for us to inform all guests that we take the situation about Covid-19 very serious.   

▪ Upon check-in it is required for each guest to present a valid Corona passport. This will not subsequently have to be presented at breakfast.

▪ It is not permitted to wear face mask, only optional.

▪ We ask you to please keep one meter’s distance, from guests that you are not in company with.

▪ We ask you to please not rearrange the furniture at the public areas.

▪ There is currently a limit for the allowed amount in the area around the fireplace, the breakfast restaurant,
Ruth’s Brasserie and Ruth’s Gourmet. These numbers are displayed on signs in each area.

▪ Coronapas must be presented in connection with indoor and outdoor serving.

▪ At Ruths Wellness all facilities are available and we offer our full range of treatments. Everyone receiving treatment must present a valid Corona passport.

▪ We have set up procedures to follow all guidelines from the authorities.
If you have questions or comments, please take contact to our staff.