Manicures and pedicures and other beauty treatments for hands and feet

Smoothing Hand
A hand treatment that goes against the tooth of the time, common dryness and gives you soft, smooth and wet hands and forearms.
About 30 minutes / 400 kr.

Photo Enzyme Hand Treatment
A deep recovery that gives your hard-working and dry hands nourishment and brings back the velvet skin.
About 30 minutes/400 kr.

Hydrating Feet
A foot treatment, like moisturizing, smoothing and softening your feet, lower legs and heels.
About 30 minutes/400 kr.

Nourishing Foot Treatment
A more intense foot treatment with extra moisturizing care that can restore your soft feet and reduce the sores of sore or frayed heels.
About 30 minutes/400 kr.

Aroma Legs
Heavy Leg Reviver opens for energy flow and helps your raised or heavy legs and ankles back in top shape.
About 30 minutes/400 kr.

Manicure or pedicure incl. lacquer
About 60 minutes/650 kr.

Gel on-off semilak with french border on hands or feet

About 45 minutes/450 kr.