Ruths Wellness is offering different kinds of lovely massages and wellbeing treatments for both men and women.


Massage activates blood circulation and helps to eliminate tension and debris , so you get new energy to solve everyday tasks:

Massage activates the bloodstream and can eliminate tension in the body, giving a sense of well-being and boosting the pulse with 10 strokes:


A classic in which handsome hands spoil and loosen with long strokes and deep ceilings. Choose between a well-being massage or an effective physiorgical massage.
Well-being massage: Approx. 30 minutes / 595 kr.
Well-being massage: Approx. 60 minutes / 825 kr.

Physiorgical massage: Aprox. 30 minutes / 700 kr.Physiorgical massage. approx. 60 minutes / 995 kr.

Japanese lifting
Japanese Cosmo Lifting a non-surgical, non-invasive and natural method of facelift. Japanese Cosmo Lifting combines oriental therapeutic methods, Chinese and Japanese acupressure and primitive South American Indians treatment techniques.
About 60 minutes/845 kr.

Hot Stone Massage
Massage made with hot lava, which softens your muscles
And loosens tension in depth.
About 70 minutes/995 kr.

Scalp massage
Gives you pure enjoyment, initiates blood circulation and loosens up. Tension headache and tension in the neck. Incl. Décollte and neck massage.
About 30 minutes/495 kr.

Mama Earth with Kalahari and Ainhoa
A sensual and current pregnancy and postnatal treatment where the body and mind are stimulated. We work with lymphatic drainage and beautiful massage techniques that relax and stress the body.
About 90 minutes/1295 kr.

Vell-Being Treatments

Massages, special techniques and fragrances with therapeutic effect. The treatments developed by Aromatherapy Associates for wonderful experiences for both body and soul.

Gl. Skagen idyl
A combination treatment with peeling, body wrapping and massage. If the Gl. Skagen idyll and Ruths Hotel Experience have not reduced your heart rate by 10 strokes, this treatment will provide a bodily as well as mental well-being that ensures a relaxing stay.
About 90 minutes/1395 kr.

Rosechip rose
A stressful treatment starting with an aroma bath that helps you find calm and focus, followed by a dry peeling and finishing with an aroma massage with rose oil.
About 120 minutes/1595 kr.

The Skagen Feeling
A treatment that gives you deep relaxation reduces fluid retention (edema), tones the skin and unites body and soul in harmony. The treatment is astrigent and antioxidant and contains aromabad, peeled bamboo and finishes with a relaxing massage with Hibiscus flowers.
About 120 minutes/1595 kr.