The name of our restaurant is based on two very different aspects. One is connected to a boat called OKE, which is a traditional fishing cutter that resides in the Port of Skagen. This cutter was built in Hirtshals in 1946, as one of ten copies, of which OKE is the only one remaining. The connection to Ruths Hotel originated in 1978, when Jørgen Philip-Sørensen bought and refurbished OKE with a purpose of using the charismatic cutter as a private leisure boat. OKE has since been donated as an ambassador boat for companies affiliated with the Port of Skagen as well as the North of Jutland.

The name Okê also comes from a completely different context, representing an orientation towards distant parts of the globe. Okê is a Portuguese expression associated with a mythical forest god, Oxóssi. With its origins in Brazil, this fabled character is characterised by his bow and arrow. According to legend, he lives in harmony with nature and shoots only what he himself can consume. Respect for the values ​​of nature and its premises is his fundamental characteristic. Despite his individualistic character he, according to the myth, actively contributes to the local community, to which he donates offerings.

The duality of our name encompasses the locally rooted and historical aspects while at the same time indicating our global interest, insight and curiosity.
The two narratives also represent interesting commonalities. However, the most significant factor is that the name represents a link between the
restaurant's original mindset and at the same time harmonises with our visions for the future.







Our dedicated team of specialists ensures a combination of skills demonstrating creativity and inspiration. There is a constant focus on development, both in terms of quality, taste nuances and the overall experience. It is our different perspectives and professionalism that creates the foundation for a well-founded creative process. Common to everyone on the "team" is curiosity and the desire to explore.

Since Jack Cramer started as Head Chef at Ruths Hotel in 2019, there has been an explicit focus on delivering quality in all aspects. In the process, our gourmet restaurant has unquestionably been our flagship. But the uncompromising level of ambition actually goes all the way back to the very idea of ​​creating a gourmet restaurant in the scenic surroundings of the coast at the very top of Denmark. It was Jørgen Philip-Sørensen's vision to develop a hotel, a brasserie and a restaurant in a class of its own. It is the legacy of this successful development that we humbly build on, and in the exact same spirit, we have the courage to be a beacon in the region and the industry in general.







The basis for renaming our restaurant from "Ruths Gourmet" to "Okê" is based on several diverse aspects. First and foremost, we want to clearly signal that the gastronomic experience, which we deliver, is not just part of a hotel stay in extraordinary surroundings. It is an attraction in itself. In addition, another significant factor is to indicate our international level of ambition.

During a visit to Okê, everything takes place in a well-prepared and well-planned order. A dedicated, authentic and quality-focused approach is obvious at each point of contact, everything from interiors and raw materials to the charismatic atmosphere. This overall impression is not limited to Okê or the hotel's facilities, but applies to the entire surrounding area, which exudes informal exclusivity. A visit to Okê automatically includes a visit to Gl. Skagen, whereby the overall characteristics complement each other, and create the framework for a unique and extraordinary experience.

The ambitious entrepreneurship, which has developed this idyllic micro-destination by the sea, is also the inspiration
to further develop Gl. Skagen's potential as a prominent gourmet destination of international class.



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