Guests at Okê will embark on a gastronomic voyage exploring new horizons with the starting point in Skagen. The first part of the journey will be created using the very best of local and seasonal produce reflecting the highest of international standards. This will be followed by global inspirations, interpreted with a personal touch and accompanied by a dedicated focus on expertise and precision. Our Chefs explore extraordinary nuances of tastes from culinary cultures around the world.

The experience at Okê is a sensory one.  What the eye sees in combination with tastes, aromas and atmosphere, culminates into one unique memory. Guests will be indulged, challenged and fascinated throughout their voyage. They will also be guided by waiters depicting the transitions and expectations between servings, introducing anecdotes and characteristics of each of the creations.

The menu begins on the beach in ‘Gl. Skagen’ where the servings are of gentle tones. The gastronomic voyage then sets sail, and more complex impressions and Umami are introduced using delicate fish and shellfish from distant horizons. Following this, taste and textures will be inspired by the ‘Hulsig Hede’ and ‘Skagen Skov’, with an abundance of strong tones for the main courses. Returning home to the beach, desserts are inspired using sweet tones from Gl. Skagen.







It is sincere curiosity that drives our ambition, and we naturally seek new horizons. We are dedicated to explore all the peculiarities of the area around Gl. Skagen as well as distant destinations and their ingredients, culture and gastronomic traditions. The gourmet experience we create takes its origin in all the best produce from the two oceans that surround us, specially selected local products as well as exquisite tastes, aromas and inspirations from all corners of the world. This way we can ensure the exclusivity and quality of which we are proud of. Everything is of course interpreted in our own way with a constant focus on expertise and precision.


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