Pias Have

Perle Blanche – Yuzu - Wasabi

Scallop – Dashi – Truffle

Chawanmushi – King Crab – Shisimi Togaratzi

Cod - Miso - Albufera

Turbot - Matelot - Red curry

Forest & Moore

Venison – Eel – Foie Gras

Gorgonzola – Grape – Pistachio

Agen Prunes – Coconut – Lime

Sea buckthorn – Sour Creme – Molasses


Price per person DKK 1.995,-









Our wine menu complements each serving.
Price per person DKK 1.995,-


We also offer a versatile wine card.
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In every aspect we focus on the interplay between the menu’s composition and the recommended beverages. In our wine menu, each wine is carefully selected to compliment the taste in connection with a specific dish. Often it will be the dish itself attrating added nuances by virtue of the wine. In other cases, it will be the wine that achieves a special taste expression in combination with the meal.

In line with the gastronomic aspects, all wines on our menu are of the highest quality. Each one is handpicked on the basis of its particular characteristics. For example, by being from a producer who eminently represents the terroir of a wine district, a specific grape variety or method of production. A hallmark of the selection process is that each sommelier brings their own experiences into play. With their expertise, the wine is judged in conjunction with the flavour nuances of the intended dish. In this connection, we are aware of our own perspective, which may have an impact on the types of wine tested. For this reason it is a natural part of the process to test untraditional alternatives. In this way, we ensure that it is not just classic choices, but a combination where the goal of finding the best possible match will expand the horizons of the experience.

We use the same curiosity to create our juice menu – which is more than just a non-alcoholic alternative. We manufacturer these creations ourselves from scratch, which gives almost limitless creative possibilities. Based on the season's most tasteful ingredients, each juice is specially designed for the particular dish. In combination with the specific nuances of the meal, they are designed to support and greatly intensify the taste experience.



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