At Ruths Hotel we take pride in our diverse staff, and we value what each of us contributes with. It's our goal that every employee feels as part of the team from day one. Especially for those who arrive from distant countries we know that a warm welcome is essential for a good start.

As an effort to ensure all our forreign employees the best working conditions we offer:

▪ A "buddy" who will give you an introduction to all work-related issues
- as well as tips in regards to the local area and living in Denmark

▪ Guidance with official papers, such as registration to the Danish Labour Market, tax rules etc.

▪ We offer staff accommodation - where you get to know your collegues better

▪ Flexible work hours - with possiblity to plan vacation or trips home

▪ A letter of recommendation is given at the end of the employement

We do not excel "just" by being a nationally known hotel with service and gastronomy of the highest class.
Our ambition is driven by dedicated employees and we want to be a beacon in the hospitality industry.

It can be said in a few words:

▪ Quality must be reflected in all aspects.
▪ We are proud of our reputation.
We have the skills to develop our profession.
▪ We have the courage to explore.
▪ We dare to renew ourselves.

Over the years, Ruths Hotel has trained countless chefs and waiters who have taken their careers forward in exciting positions at restaurants at the very highest level in Denmark and abroad. There are also those who have started their own restaurant or even several restaurants. This is not a coincidence, and it is due to the professional insight, the high pace and the great variety - which is offered at Ruths Hotel in a quite unique way.

"Invest a year with us, and take your career to a new level." 

We know it's a bit of a claim, but we vouch for it and we'll guide you all the way.


For further information, please contact:
Head chef Jack Cramer at

We look forward to hearing from you!

In a class of its own

Ruths Hotel is a famous and exclusive little hotel with 58 rooms with various facilities such as a brasserie, a gourmet restaurant and wellness area.
The high end clientel expect top level gastronomy and 5-star service - which is delivered all year around. 

It is situated in the middle of the idyllic coastal surroundings in Gl. Skagen, which a one of Denmark's most attractive holliday destinations. 

You can read more about the local area on VisitDenmark's website:>> click here

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