At Ruths Hotel we can offer fast charging of all types of electric cars.
There are charging stations available in our parking lot, for a total
of four cars. In addition, we have a charging station in our parking
garage, for a total of two cars.

Via our partner we deliver "green power", which always comes from
Danish wind turbines. There is easy access to charge by using an app.
Registration, payment and connection with the specific charging
station are handled through the app.

Download the free app from ProStrøm in either:

▪ App Store or Google Play


Open app and create a profile with:

▪ Name

▪ E-mail

▪ Mobile number (write as instructed)

▪ Password (min. 6 digits, 1 uppercase letter and 1 number)

▪ PIN code (used for login, e.g. 4-8 numbers)

▪ Payment card information

▪ Add your car

      - Select type of car (hybrid or electric car)

      - Registration number


Press "opret" and enter the code you receive via SMS.

Park in front of a charging station and log in to Prostrøm's app:

▪ Insert your cable into the charging station and then into the car.

▪ Scan the QR code at charging station and press "Start opladning nu".

Alternatively, the map function can be used; zoom in on the desired
charging station, press it and select one of the two outlets.

Charging starts automatically when the connection is established,

which is displayed in the app (it takes about 30 seconds).

When the car is fully charged an SMS is automatically sent, which shows
the amount of charged kWh and the final price.

Disconnect the charging cable from the car and then the charging station.

NOTE: If it is necessary to stop the charging, then select the menu item
"Ladestatus" and press "Stop opladning".

Payment & Price

At the start of the charging, the price per kWh is shown in the app.
The payment for charging is automatically deducted from your
payment card. The price and the number of charged kWh for
each transaction can be seen under the menu item "Ladehistorik" 

In case there should be any questions, please let us know.


Give us a call:
+45 9844 1124