At Ruths Hotel, the ambition is always to deliver quality in all aspects. Below you will get a small insight into the preparatory work and some of the choices that have been made to ensure the highest quality. In addition, you can read more about Ruhts Hotel's history illustrated by the pictures you are sitting among. Enjoy!

Emma Secher - later Ruth
The only 22-year-old Emma was a seasonal employee at Jeckels Hotel with Mrs Nicoline Jeckel. Emma falls in love with the local skaw resident Hans Christian Ruths, and the couple get married the year after the inauguration of the railway in Skagen. Emma and Hans Christian Ruth move in together in a newly built house on a large plot of land in the city, the house is called Vesterhus. in 1904, Emmer and Hans Christian open a boarding house in their own home, all the while they and their daughter Dagmar stay in the outhouse. Already the following year, the couple expands Vesterhus due to the growing demand for holidays at the top of Denmark. Emma and Hans Christian run Ruths Hotel together until Hans Christian's death in 1934. After that, Emma runs the hotel herself, with the help of daughter Dagmar and son-in-law Olaf, until her death in 1942, the day before her 75th birthday.

Hans Christian Ruth
A courted bachelor who falls in love with Emma Secher, who is in Gl. Skagen due to seasonal work at Jeckels Hotel. The couple get married and together they establish the boarding house Vesterhus, which Emma insists on expanding. The sailor who dreams of acquiring a larger ship, instead seeks work at the rescue service as a supervisor. In 1893, the couple had a daughter, Dagmar, who later fell in love with a Norwegian sailor who was rowed ashore off the Skagen coast, by, among others, Hans Christian Ruth. Hans Christian Ruths dies in 1934, after which Emma Ruths herself continues to run the hotel.

Dagmar Ruth
Born in 1893 and growing up as a daughter at Ruths Hotel. in 1909 she falls in love with the Norwegian sailor Olaf Dahler, who was rescued ashore from the shipwreck that same year. The couple married in 1912 and had three sons, Hans Jørgen, Erling and Leif. In 1918, Olaf Dahler goes ashore permanently and together he and Dagmar buy the Strandhotellet, which is later merged with Ruths Hotel. In 1942, after Emma's death, the couple take over the running of the entire Ruths Hotel. Despite the war and the end of ration stamps in 1952, the hotel does well and the numerous guests return. Dagmar has inherited her father's informal and straightforward tone and the couple quickly become popular as the new host couple at Ruths Hotel. Dagmar dies in 1974, for the last 14 years she runs the hotel without her late husband Olaf, which has cost her the joy of life and commitment to the hotel.

Olaf Dahler
Is a 22-year-old Norwegian sailor drifting ashore at Gl. Skagen after a shipwreck in a winter storm. The sailor is rescued ashore by the rescue service under the leadership of Hans Christian Ruths, who later lodges the sailor at Ruths Hotel. The 16-year-old Dagmar falls in love with the sailor. He must after some time in Gl. Skagen is unfortunately at sea again, but he regularly visits Gl. Skagen and Dagmar. They get married in 1912, but it is not until 1918 that he goes ashore and at the same time the couple buys the Strandhotellet, which after a few years is located together with Ruths Hotel. Together, the couple have three sons, Hans Jørgen, Erling and Leif.

Sønnerne Hans Jørgen, Erling og Leif

It is the youngest son Erling who is put in the position of heir to Ruths Hotel. Among other things, he obtains a position at the renowned D'Angleterre in Copenhagen. Unfortunately, Leif only manages to run the hotel for 4 years after Dagmar has passed away, as he dies at a young age in 1978. It was also a tragic fate for the eldest son Hans Jørgen, who dies of peritonitis in England in 1942 , where he is stranded as a sailor due to the war. The middle son, Erling, is described as a bit of an eccentric, he is employed at the family hotel as a hotel attendant. None of the three sons have children, and thus there are no heirs to Ruths Hotel in the family.


Bakery bread

As a fixed element in Ruth's quality experience are our morning bread and cakes. Behind the facade, the dedicated bakers and confectioners work every day to ensure the best possible product for all our guests. All breakfast bread is baked every day in our own bakery at the Strandhotellet. As a natural part of the work, there is also a focus on constantly developing the quality and range of our baked goods. The classic as well as sourdough bakery and new trends. The bakery supplies bread for both breakfast, Ruth's Brasserie, Restaurant Okè and for the morning bread sale.


The French master chef Michel Michaud left his mark on Ruths Hotel in many different ways, and this also applies to the breakfast. Here you will find a larger selection of jams, all developed by the Frenchman himself. We also offer our homemade granola, yoghurt, nut cream and "Søren's lemon curd". As the name suggests, it is the kitchen's sous chef, Søren, who has refined the taste to perfection for years.

The orange juice served on arrival at Dagmarsalen is juice from freshly squeezed oranges. The oranges are carefully selected and quality tested on the market in France and are delivered several times a week by Peter Paris.

The applesauce on the buffet, on the other hand, is from North Jutland. It originates from the apple plantation in Skørping, made with Red Aroma and is unfiltered, it doesn't get any better.

Ruth's vitamin shot, today's boost, our own and homemade beetroot shot. In addition to beetroot, the juice consists of orange, lime, pineapple and ginger.

Not "just" butter

Our butter is entirely our own, and is only available at Ruths Hotel. Developed in collaboration with Åbybro Dairy and produced at the same location. The recipe is based on the dairy's old-fashioned churned butter with a twist via the French salt: fleur de sel from Guérande. It is all thoroughly tested, tasted and adjusted by Jack Cramer, based on an uncompromising product, for use throughout the hotel: breakfast, brasserie and Okê.