Privacy policy, cookies and data storage 

When you shop or are a guest at Ruths Hotel A / S, you can be completely confident by using our website and services, and we do not collect personal information without your  consent.

We handle your data with respect for your privacy and our responsibility is deliberate when we process the information you provide us - information that we, of course, treat and keep in accordance with the current legislation.

We recommend that you read our privacy policy below:



Private data policy

When you click on the Ruths Hotel website, we collect information about you. Below you can read about the information collected, including how the information is processed, what they are used for, who has access to the information, and who you can contact if you have questions or objections regarding the information collected.


Contact information:

Ruths Hotel A/S

Hans Ruths Vej 1

DK-9990 Skagen


CVR 11 81 09 85 


Ruths Hotel collects information about you in two ways: 

- By giving your own information

- Using cookies


1. By giving your personal information 

Ruths Hotel asks for your personal and user-related information when you purchase services on our websites or sign up for newsletters, competitions, etc. We collect only identifiable personal information such as name, address, date of birth, phone number and email, when you provide them.


1.1. What do we use personal information for? 

The personal information we collect about you when you make a reservation, a purchase in the online store or receive our newsletter is primarily used to process your queries and orders as well as to provide products and services to you. The information will not be disclosed to third parties unless you grant separate acceptance or the private policy low exceptionally allows the disclosure of general customer information. If you consented to receive direct marketing with news and offers etc. we may also use the collected information to target the marketing you receive by phone , letter or electronic media. Keep in mind that any information you provide - including personally identifiable information - in a public forum such as an online debate is not covered by this privacy and may be viewed by third parties who have nothing to do with Ruth's Hotel. We therefore recommend that you carefully consider what information you provide when using these.

We do not store personal data longer than permitted by law and delete personal data when they are no longer required for the above purpose.


1.2. Storing personal data 

The personal data is stored with our data processor, which stores and processes personal data on our behalf in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the applicable data protection laws. If we pass your personal data to partners in Denmark or in third countries, we always ensure that their level of privacy protection matches the requirements we have set in this privacy policy and as per applicable law.


1.3. Linking data 

When making a room reservation at Ruths Hotel or allowing us to contact you about news and offers by phone, letter or electronic media (email, text, MMS, video messages, pop-ups, etc.) we will link the information you enter in your profile, with information collected through cookies to target news and offers to you. Ruths Hotel uses cookies to collect information about your behavior on websites and other digital platforms belonging to Ruths Hotel.


1.4. Protection of personal data

According to the GDPR law, your personal information must be kept safe and confidential. We store the personal information you provide on limited-access computers that are located in controlled facilities, and our security measures are continuously monitored to determine whether our user information is handled properly and with due regard to your rights as a user. However, we can not guarantee 100% security for data transfers over the Internet. This means that there is a risk that other unauthorized people gain access to information when data is sent and stored electronically. Please be aware that you provide your personal information at your sole discretion.


1.5. Changes in the processing of personal data

The rapid development of the Internet means that changes in our processing of personal data may become necessary. We therefore reserve the rights to update and modify these Privacy Policy. If we do, we will of course make the date of "last updated" at the top of the page. In the event of significant changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you in the form of a visible notice on our websites. 


1.6. Contact 

You can always get the data we have about you and you have the rights to have all personal information about yourself deleted. By clicking her you can see the information Ruths Hotel has registered in your reservation system. You may subsequently change and / or consent to the information provided by Ruths Hotel in our database.


2. Job applications to Ruths Hotel

f you are looking for a job at Ruths Hotel, your information processed in connection with your application will be processed. Often, it is common personal information such as name, address, phone number, email and possibly current and past employment. Your application will be saved up to 6 months, if possible.


3. Using cookies 

The first time you visit the Ruths Hotels website you automatically receive one or more cookies. You also receive cookies when you make searches or visit subpages on our websites. A cookie is a small text file stored in your web browser (for example, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.), which registers as a unique user. Cookies make it easier to use the Internet because you do not always have to start over again - that website may, in other words, use a cookie to remember information about your preferences.


3.1. The use of cookies

Cookies is a help to tell Ruths Hotel about your visit and behavior on our websites. To determine who visits the Ruths Hotels website, we use cookies to lead demographic and user-related statistics. Here we gather information about when and how long you visit a website, which and how many sections, articles and other products you visit if your computer has visited us before which browser and operating system you are using, IPs, which ads you see, etc. With your permission, we use the collected information to target our direct marketing to you.


3.2. How long do we store cookies? 

The cookies sent to you will be stored on your device for a varying number of months from the last time you were on Ruths website. Every time you visit a website, the period is extended. The cookies in question are automatically deleted after their expiration. You can read below how to delete cookies.


3.3. How do you avoid cookies?

If you do not want to accept cookies, you can set your browser to automatically reject cookies or notify you whenever a site requests to save cookies. You can always use the help function in your browser for more information about cookie settings. You typically do this by pressing "F1" on your PC. Search for "cookies".


4. Disclaimer 

We aim to keep the content of the websites up to date, but we can not guarantee that the content is complete, correct, or expressive of applicable law. The websites contain links to other websites provided by third parties. We are not responsible for the availability or content of third party websites. We take precautions to ensure that the websites do not contain viruses, Trojan horses, or the like. However, we can not guarantee that the websites are free from such malware. We can not guarantee that they are 100% protected from hacking or the like.